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Youth Center FAQs

What is the Youth Rocks Youth Center?

The Youth Rocks Foundation Youth Center is a decentralised and networked platform.


The platform is designed to enable the youth of Dehradun and concerned citizens - business owners, elders, professionals, govt. officials and organizations like NGOs, Heritage and Nature Groups, Businesses, Sports and Recreational Facilities to come together and actively shape the future of the city we call home.

Network... huh, How does it work though?

The Youth Rocks Foundation Youth Center does not have a dedicated physical location. The Foundation however does have a physical location and so do our partners.

So all of us come together as nodes in a network with a shared goal to help you, the youth or youth at heart, to meet eachother more. To learn, unlearn, share and grow as inviduals.

While the partner locations work as physical nodes, the Youth Clubs work as organizational nodes where the relevant Host Mentor Organizations runs the various clubs as an extension of their cause within the network.

The Youth Centre / Network is open to all. But its management will be overseen by YRF Volunteers who will serve as Club Members within the Youth Center.

Organizational nodes... How do the clubs work?

Clubs work in the way the club members want them to work. Although they have to ensure the safety of all members involved as well as fit in the network. Therefore...

All members will also be volunteers at the Youth Rocks Foundation, having to go through various checks and...

For operational prudence and efficiency, each club will have a standard organizational structure.

A YC or Youth Center Club will have its members and the following:

  • A member elected or YRF / Host Mentor appointed (only when club membership is less than 100 people) executive council of upto 5 people (on yearly basis).

  • A Club representative chosen by Youth Rocks or the club's Mentors Council or both from among those in the Executive Council in case the executive council in indecisive in choosing the representative themselves.

  • A Five Member Mentor's Council consisting of select representatives from a club's Mentor Organizations and Mentors as chosen mutually by YRF, the club's representative (if available) and already existing mentors. 

  • A set of Mentor Organizations (Partners) and Mentors (Volunteers) which Partner with YRF on their own or after a request by the Executive Council of the Club.

  • Host Mentor Organization that will host the club representatives for executive council meetings and planning events. This mentor organization will also serve as the primary guide to the Club. Host Mentor Organizations will be chosen by YRF, after consultation with existing mentors on if the Host Mentor is an expert in a field in which the Club's operational sphere overlaps. A Club can have at most one Host Mentor Organization which will serve as a Parent Node of that Club within the YRF YC Network.

Who decides how things work and maintains the network?

Clubs work in the way the club members want them to work.

Once the Executive Council, Mentor Council and a Club Representative is in place, the Club is Semi-Autonomous. They decide how they will contribute to the Youth Center while respecting the event calendars of other Clubs and collaborating with other Clubs to host events when their Club's Skills or Network is required. 

For Example, the Adventure Club may get the support of its host organization to conduct a trek with a component of plogging. But the Eco Club will be better positioned to partner up with Environmental NGOs to actually implement the plogging component.

In short, there is freedom but along with it some responsibility as well. The whole point of checks is to get good people to come together and then drive the change themselves.

The Youth Center (or Youth Network) itself is managed by the Youth Center Council for the current Year with support from the Youth Rocks Foundation.

Org. nodes.. checks.. What about physical nodes?

The Partners who give the Youth Center access to their facilities for hosting events and also maintain certain amenities which are essential for the members constitute the physical nodes. They perform activities such as host informal or formal meetups, physically verify prospective members' identity (if needed), host a center for our partner NGOs etc. Partners are primarily organizations or commercial/social establishments which benefit from increased interaction with the Youth of the City. Benefit being either commercial or in line with their cause or ideology.

The partners will work in sync with the Youth Club representative council for the current year and will get priority for hosting Open Events which may be conducted by various clubs once a month.

This is however a general template as the exact nature of collaboration is decided on an event to event and partner to partner basis with an underlying on focus creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Is YRF mostly about the Youth Center?

YRF or the Youth Rocks Foundation is primarily a social impact organization, the Youth Center is just one among the many projects we have undertaken.

Many projects are given to us by sponsor organizations or other NGOs which seek assistance in working within the areas where we have our presence.

However, we also undertake projects on our own like the Youth Center Project for Dehradun. These tend to be largely independent and long-term with a view to have them become self-sustaining.

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